Evaluation: Program + Personnel = Results

These documents may be used to evaluate school counselors and school guidance and counseling programs.
Content Area:
Guidance & Counseling
Career Clusters:
Education & Training

Evaluation: Program + Personnel = Results
Overview Presentation: Program + Personnel = ResultsPublished 2010. File last modified 2008-07-01. external linkLINK 
How to Conduct a Fourth-Cycle MSIP Review for Standard 6.9: GuidancePublished 2010. File last modified 2008-06-01. external linkLINK 
MSIP 5 Guidance and Counseling ChecklistPublished 2010. File last modified 2013-01-25. pdf493KBdoc104KB
Summative Evaluation for School CounselorsPublished 2010. File last modified 2006-07-01. external linkLINK 
Guidelines for Performance-Based Professional School Counselor EvaluationsPublished 2010. File last modified 2010-09-08. pdf1.0MB 


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