Agricultural Enhancements, Volume II

The agricultural education curriculum enhancement project was initiated to develop performance-based assessment activities to assist Missouri instructors and students of agriculture in meeting Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) standards. These materials were developed by the Instructional Materials Lab at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Content Area:
Agricultural Education
Career Clusters:
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Agricultural Enhancements, Volume II
Agricultural Education Enhancements, Volume IIPublished 2004. File last modified 2006-09-26. pdf3.4MB 
Agricultural Mechanics for Ag Science I & IIMORE 
Advanced Crop ScienceMORE 
Agricultural Construction I, II & IIIMORE 
Agricultural StructuresMORE 
Biotechnology: Applications in AgricultureMORE 
Food Science & TechnologyMORE 
Greenhouse Operations & ManagementMORE 
Small Engine Service & RepairMORE 
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IntroductionPublished 2004. File last modified 2006-09-26. pdf229KBdoc409KB
Unit DividersPublished 2004. File last modified 2006-09-26. pdf24.3MB