The materials listed below provide insights into the structure and potential of the Missouri Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program. This knowledge and understanding is the foundation for providing the leadership and support necessary to fully implement this program to positively impact schools and students.


Guidance & Counseling Tools and Resources

  1. Presenting Your Professional School Counselor
  2. About Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling
  3. MSCA Pointers for School Administrators
  4. Administrator's Guidebook for Guidance and Counseling Programs
  5. Missouri Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Program Manual
  6. Online Course - Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Program: An Introduction for Administrators
  7. Interview Questions for School Counselors
  8. Top Ten Things Administrators Can Do
  9. Professional Development Activities for School Counselors


Evaluation Tools and Resources
Program + Personnel = Results

  1. MSIP 5 Guidance and Counseling Checklist (PDF, DOC) (Program)
  2. Internal Improvement Review (Program)
  3. Missouri School Counselor Standards (Personnel)
  4. Guidelines for Performance-Based Professional School Counselor Evaluations (Personnel)
  5. Principal/Counselor Relationship (Personnel)
  6. Results Evaluation: PRoBE Short Online Courses (Results)
  7. Results Evaluation: PRoBE Training Videos (Results)
  8. Results Evaluation: PRoBE Sample Reports (Results)



  1. Guidance & Counseling eLearning Center
  2. Missouri Connections
  3. Missouri Center for Career Education
  4. Missouri School Counselor Association
  5. DESE Guidance & Counseling